Naturally increase your keyword ranks, search visibility,
    and organic downloads in the App Store & Google Play.

ASO is a crucial process that every app owner should use.

Here's part of what we do:

Link Building

Getting your app mentioned on high authority websites & blogs is crucial. This encourages readers to install your app, and pushes up keyword ranks.

Keyword Selection

Using our access to extensive App Store data and intelligence software, we select the highest converting keywords for your app to target.

Listing Optimization

We optimize your App Store listing to rank higher for the targeted keywords using content production and strong reporting.


Obtaining natural reviews from real users is very important in maintaining a high rank in the app stores.


Our natural user acquisition and rank pushing methods help your app to flourish in an otherwise highly competitive market.


We work with both App Store and Google Play Store apps, and can help you to target audiences in multiple countries.

How our service helps:

Our service focuses on increasing your App Store ranks and driving more users to your app.

  • By increasing your keyword ranks, this makes it easier for users to discover your app in the app stores - achieve a stronger visibility.

  • Getting high Pagerank blogs and websites to link to your app has been found to be very effective in acquiring users and encouraging word of mouth.

  • Natural, organic users are cheaper to acquire and more likely to convert.

  • Marketing your app once can lead to higher daily installs long into the future.

Who Are We?

myASO is located in the United Kingdom and provides a global App Store Optimization service. We are based off the belief that optimizing your App Store assets is the most effective way to let your app flourish. ASO is a crucial process that every app owner should use in order to give their app a better chance of showing up in the rankings. The process is simple to complete but can have great effects on your app's visibility.

We use a solid, proven process to increase your app's keyword ranks, visibility and downloads. This process is completely organic and natural, and carried out by our experienced, trusted partners. Our service can help prevent you from becoming another app lost in the App Store. We're also committed to helping with any questions you may have. Get in touch to see how our ASO methods can help your app.

Here's just one example of the results we achieved for an app:

Increased Keyword Ranks

Reached the number one rank for its main keyword, top 5 ranks for numerous other competitive keywords.

Higher Organic Installs

Installs showed a 2400% increase from around 2000 to over 50,000 installs in a short space of time.

Boosted Daily Revenue

Daily revenue saw a 1300% increase due to the huge increase in daily installs that were acquired.

Get Started

Ask us about how we can help your app. We will respond in under 24 hours.